The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Bhutan to the United Nations in New York (PMB NY) is one of the eight resident embassies/missions that the Royal Government of Bhutan maintains abroad.

PMB NY is one of the two posts (along with the mission in Geneva) that represent Bhutan’s interests in the United Nations system.

The Mission was established in 1971 following the admission of Bhutan as a member of the United Nations. Today, it is the only mission that the Royal Government of Bhutan maintains in the North American continent.

The Mission has two important mandates:

  • As a member of the United Nations, to participate and contribute to the work of the United Nations.
  • Promote friendly bilateral relations with countries and members of the United Nations. Being the only mission in North America, the Permanent Representative is accredited to Canada and Brazil.

The objectives of the Mission are:

  • Promote Bhutan’s sovereign independence and strengthen our role as a responsible and constructive member of the international community
  • To contribute to the process of socio-economic development of Bhutan
  • To promote friendly bilateral relations with all countries.
  • Strengthen the institutional capacity of the Mission to ensure that its operations are smooth, efficient and cost-effective.