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Consular services

The Embassy provides a range of consular services and Consular Officers have been assigned as per jurisdictions. Please note the details of the Officers that are responsible for your respective jurisdiction:

a. For Bhutanese residing in ACT and Queensland;

Mr. Phuntsho Namgay
Head of Chancery

b. For Bhutanese residing in all other States; 

Ms. Metho Dema
First Secretary

Individuals are requested to contact the above Consular Officers as per their jurisdiction. You can either call the Embassy or email the Officer directly. You can also visit the Officers at the Embassy, however it is advisable to seek appointments and availability ahead of time to allow proper planning. 

As the Embassy does not charge for any consular services, it is the responsibility of the person to cover any additional costs that may be incurred if the service of a third party is required in the process. 

Processes for availing documentary services are detailed below. More services will be added in the future based on demand and need. Please allow the Embassy at least 3 working days to respond to your request.

Attestation of documents

Attestation of documents

1. Prior to visiting the Embassy for attestation, submit your request via an email to the respective Consular Officer or to

2. Clearly outline what documents you need attested and the purpose for the request for attestation. Based on the requested documents, an appointment will be scheduled for you to visit the Embassy for attestation.

3.You can post the document to the Embassy if you are unable to visit the Embassy in-person. Please note that postage charge for both ways must be covered by the individual.

4. Additional evidence for the documents that require attestation must be submitted where necessary and when requested.

Verification of driving license

Verification of driving license

1. Email to with the subject line: “State Name: Driving License Verification Request.” For instance, if you live in Canberra, the subject line of the email should read as follows: “Canberra: Driving License Verification Request”

2. Following documents will be required for the process:

a. An email detailing your request and mentioning if the Verification Letter has to be sent to the individual or an appropriate authority in their State;

b. A copy of the Citizenship Identity Card;

c. A copy of the driving license (Both front and back)

3. Officers will attempt to verify and issue the letter within 3 working days. When and if necessary, they will refer the request to the Road Safety and Transport Authority in Thimphu, which may add few more working days to the turnaround time.