IMG_1778As the bilateral relations between the two countries began to grow, the office of a Special Representative of India was opened in Thimphu in 1968. A resident mission of Bhutan with a Special Representative was opened in Delhi in 1971. Subsequently, the Offices of Special Representatives in the two capitals were upgraded to full-fledged embassies in 1978.

Bhutan has diplomatic relations with 53 countries including the European Union and seven resident Missions abroad including the Permanent Missions of the Kingdom of Bhutan to the United Nations in New York and Geneva. Other missions include the Royal Bhutan Embassies in New Delhi, Dhaka, Bangkok, Kuwait and Brussels.

The Royal Bhutanese Embassy plays an extremely important role in deepening the close friendship and understanding between the two countries and continuously move forward the bilateral relationship in the direction that results in tangible benefits for the people of the two countries.

In addition to bilateral relations with India, the Royal Bhutanese Embassy also covers Japan, Nepal and Afghanistan and the Ambassador is concurrently accredited to these three countries. The Royal Bhutanese Embassy also works closely with the Embassies of countries with whom Bhutan has diplomatic relations as well as those without formal diplomatic relations, including the Embassies of the P5 countries that are based in New Delhi. Further, the Embassy also engages closely with specialized agencies of the United Nations and other international organizations, and regional offices in New Delhi.