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Bhutanese Travelling Abroad

Bhutanese travellers may refer to the following links against each country for visa procedure and requirement of documents to process visa and kindly note the following:

  • The visa application and other required documents to be sent to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Dhaka should be accompanied by a letter issued by the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in Dhaka, to facilitate visa processing.
  • Bhutanese travellers must submit an application to the Consular Affairs Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bhutan, for assistance in facilitating visa processing. The Division will accordingly inform the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in Dhaka. 

Bhutanese travellers applying for Schengen visa would have to go in person to submit biometrics at the time of visa application with effect from November 2015.

Bhutanese travellers are encouraged to also refer to the information on the following link to travel to different countries

The Royal Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi only processes visas for Bhutanese Officials travelling abroad for official business.

  • The visa application and other required documents should be accompanied by a letter issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bhutan, instructing RBE, New Delhi, to facilitate visa processing.
  • The visa application and other required documents must reach RBE, New Delhi, three weeks in advance before the travel date in order to obtain a visa on time.
  • RBE does not take responsibility if visas are not obtained on time due to non-timely submission or non-provision of required documents to process visas.
  • The passport and visa application documents have to be sent through the Diplomatic Bag of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and passports will be returned through the same channel after visas are obtained from concerned missions in New Delhi.
  • Kindly note that the visa application documents sent through hand will not be accepted.
  • The following is the schedule of the Diplomatic Bag:

From MFA, Thimphu:

  • Tuesday –Diplomatic Bag arrives at RBE on Wednesday
  • Friday – Diplomatic Bag arrives at RBE on Sunday

From RBE, New Delhi:

  • Wednesday – Diplomatic Bag arrives in Thimphu on Friday
  • Sunday- Diplomatic Bag arrives in Thimphu on Tuesday
Sl No. Country Website: Remarks and Note
1 Afghanistan  
2 Argentina:


3 Australia Note:

Visa has to be processed through the Australian Visa Application Center (Etho Metho VFS) in Thimphu, Bhutan. Australian High Commission does not accept visa application from any other channels including from Royal Bhutanese Embassy.

4 Austria Note:

Visa can be processed in Thimphu, Bhutan, through Etho Metho VFS.

5 Belgium
6 Brazil VISA Note:

Visa Application Form has to be filled up online.

7 Cambodia  
8 Canada Note:

Visa Application Form has to be filled up online (typed) and it has to be accompanied by the Family Information Sheet

9 China  
10 Czech  
11 Denmark


Note: Visa can be processed in Thimphu, Bhutan through Etho Metho VFS.
12 Egypt


13 Estonia  
14 Fiji  
15 Finland For Document 
16 France Note:

Ordinary passport holders need to process for French visas from the French Consulate General in Kolkata

17 Germany



Visa can be processed in Thimphu, Bhutan through Etho Metho VFS.

18 Indonesia (Visa on arrival for 30 days) –Attached Notification  
19 Iran   OR


The Visa Application form should be typed.

The applicant has to apply online at submit the application form along with the visa application tracking code number sent to the email address that you have provided while applying online.

20 Israel




Visa Application Should be filled up online:

Note: Passport size photos has to be 2.5/2.5 inch with white background

21 Italy Note:

Biometric and visa application for official passport holders are received only on Tuesday and Thursday morning by the Italian Embassy. A prior appointment has to be sought from the Embassy of Italy to submit the visa application.please note that Visa Application form has to be filled online at this website  The print out of complete form along with the system generated barcode have to be submitted.

22 Japan



Kindly note that documents has to be submitted without staple.

23 Kazakhstan  
Under Category 2, Bhutanese with ordinary passports, will be given a visa on application. 
Under Category 3, Bhutanese with Travel Documents, must apply for a referred/prior eVisa using the following link before their departure to Kenya. To apply for a eVisa, the applicant must follow:
a) Click on Create an account 
b) Click on Evisa Application 
c) Fill the Application form 
d) Pay using Visa card, Mastercard and any other debit or credit cards
e) Await approval then download and print the eVisa from your eVisa account and 
f) Present your printed eVisa to the immigration officer at the port of entry. 
Please kindly note that Visa application fee is not refundable and that incomplete applications shall be rejected. For more information, you may kindly contact the kenyan embassy at 
24 Laos
25 Malaysia


General Information:

Ordinary passport:

Ordinary passport holders can apply E-Visa:

Required Documents:



Visa application Form(one page printed in double side) should be accompanied by three passport size photos (3.5/5.0 cm with 60-70% Photograph with proper shoulders), Confirmed Returned Air tickets for all sectors, Invitation letter and for the ordinary passport, visa fees of INR 5820(Five Thousand Eight Hundred and twenty). The visa fees include two Demand Draft charges, OSC Charges and agent’s fees.

Applicant with fresh ordinary passport  also requires to submit Bank Account Statement.

26 Mexico

Application form should be duly filled online and signed after printing it. (Visa Form should be one page printed in double side).



Ordinary passport holder needs to visit the Mexican Embassy for an interview. The applicant has to seek an appointment to attend the interview.

27 Mongolia  
28 Myanmar
29 Nepal

For Bhutanese holding Ordinary Passports, Visa is issued on arrival.
Bhutanese entering Nepal may also avail a prior-approved visa at the
time of their entry. The visa (given as a stamp on the individual’s
passport) can be processed through the Embassy of Nepal in India.

For Bhutanese holding Travel Document in lieu of Ordinary Passports,
Bhutanese travelers need to seek prior visa approval from the Embassy
of Nepal in New Delhi. Bhutanese applicants applying for a prior visa
are required to submit an online application form here at this link

Once applicants have completed the above online form, the following
documents must be sent in a sealed envelope to the address provided below:
1. The printed copy of the visa form generated online (slip)
2. Travel Document in lieu of Ordinary Passport copy (biodata page)
3. Original Travel Document of the applicant
4. Applicable visa fees (INR in cash)

Mr. Tenzin Tenzin
Third Secretary
Royal Bhutanese Embassy
New Delhi, India

 Important note: The Royal Bhutanese Embassy will not be responsible
for visa refusals as a result of false/incorrect information provided
by the applicants while submitting the online application form.

For Visa facilitation, the enclosed envelope for the Visa Application
may be submitted to the Mission & Consular Service Division (MCSD) at
the Passport Office, Changangkha along with a written application and
a copy of CID card.

30 Netherlands  
31 New Zealand Note:

The visa form is not accepted if there are any mistakes or scribbles on it. The visa fees of INR 9900(Nine thousand Nine Hundred) is levied including visa center charges. Diplomatic and Official passports are exempted from paying visa fees only if the invitation is from the New Zealand Government.

32 Norway Note: Visa Application Form has to be filled up online. Insurance is a mandatory requirement.

Visa can be processed in Thimphu, Bhutan through Etho Metho VFS.

33 Poland



Visa Form has to be filled up online and a prior appointment has to be sought to submit the application. Insurance is a mandatory requirement.

34 Portugal



Form has to be filled up online. Insurance is a mandatory requirement.

35 Russia



Form has to be filled up online : 

36 Qatar



1.    Duly filled up visa application Form(Form attached)
2.    Invitation letter mentioning purpose of visit, date and length of visit.
3.    Accommodation Proof
4.    Address and phone number of host in Qatar
5.    Passport and two gray background Passport Size Photos

Visa Form
37 Slovakia (Visa Application Form Should be filled up online)



The applicant needs to seek an appointment for submitting Visa application and Biometric: Insurance is a mandatory requirement.

38 South Africa



Confirmed Air tickets for all sectors is a mandatory requirement.

39 Spain



Three sets of Visa applications should be submitted.



40 Sri Lanka


1.    Official : ETA Diplomatic and Official Form
2.    Entry Visa Form- B for Long- term visa along with the prior approval from Immigration Authority in Sri Lanka.
3.    Tourist visa:
41 Switzerland Note:

1.    Diplomatic and Official Passport holders are issued visa on arrival(officials have to process Schengen visa from the respective Schengen countries if the first entrance is from other Schengen state members). For details please visit:
2.     For ordinary passport holders, visa is processed by VFS in Bhutan(Austrian Desk)

42 Sweden


Note: Visa can be processed in Thimphu, Bhutan through Etho Metho VFS.


43 Turkey Visa application form has to be filled up electronically:   
44 Vietnam



Prior Approval from the Immigration Authority in Vietnam is required when submitting visa application. 

45 Venezuela:  
46 UGANDA Note:

Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required.



49 United Kingdom


Required Documents:
Visa for UK can be processed through Etho Metho VFS center in Thimphu.
50 United States of America

Required Documents:
1.    DS 160 Confirmation Page
2.    2 photos 45/45
3.    Invitation 

Visa Category:

–          Official visa – A2
–          Transit – C3
–          Business –B1, B2
–          International organization – G2
–          Student – F1



Required Documents:

1.    Three Original Visa Application
2.    Invitation
3.    4 Passport size Photograph

52 Republic of Korea