Planning and Public Diplomacy Division


Public Diplomacy Division (PDD) was created in 2018 with the mandate to disseminate information and promote greater understanding of Bhutan both at home and abroad through public outreach programs. In September 2022, planning mandate was added and renamed “Planning and Public Diplomacy Division”. The Division also serves as the Ministry’s focal point for media and it’s main responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Promote Bhutan’s image both at home and abroad by actively and continuously engaging with stakeholders through regular press briefings, use of social media and public outreach activities, etc.
  2. Promote cultural and educational exchanges which provide greater insight and understanding on the people, customs and institutions fostering international goodwill.
  3. Proactively engage public opinion (domestic and foreign) in advancing Bhutan’s foreign policy objectives.
  4. Coordinate development of Ministerial five year and annual plans with periodic monitoring and reporting.
Name and Designation Responsibilities Contact Details
Mr. Karma Sonam Tshosar,  Chief of Division
Mr. Sherab Dorji,
Desk Officer 

– Member Secretary to the meeting of the Senior Management and other related activities in the Secretariat and Political Clearances.

– Services related to Planning, policies and guidelines.

Support Staff

Name and Designation Responsibilities Contact Details
Ms. Namgyel Wangmo,
Administrative Assistant 
Services related to Library and Administration