Annual Quotation 2017-2018

sbd-for-hire-of-vehicles-2017-2018 sbd-for-furniture-2017-2018 sbd-for-books-2017-2018 boq-vehicle-spare-parts-2017-2018 boq-of-stationaries-office-equipment boq-furniture-2017-2018 boq-for-vehicle-hiring-2017-2018 boq-for-tubes-tyres-17-18 boq-for-printing-works boq-for-ict-equipment-17-18 boq-books-2017-2018 sbd-spare-parts-2017-2018 sbd-for-tubes-tyres-2017-2018 sbd-for-stationaries-equip-2017-2018 sbd-for-printing-works-2017-2018 sbd-for-ict-computer-accessories-2017-2018  

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Invitation of quotation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to invite national firms for supply of digital camera. Bidding document: Download  

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Tender Notification

  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to invite sealed bids from interested and eligible firms or consultants having valid license with relevant experience for the preparation of the National Interest Analysis for the Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities. The last date for submission of ...

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