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Travel Advisory(old)

Status of travel bans in different countries in the light of COVID-19 Pandemic  

Country  Travel Restrictions 
India Still active and limited non-scheduled commercial flights may be allowed as per the SOP provided in the web link below

(i)   Updation_of_Guidelines.pdf – Ministry of Civil Aviation

(ii)  MHAOrder_Unlock4_29082020.pdf – Ministry of Home Affairs 

(iii)Revised guidelines for International Arrivals 02082020.pdf – Ministry of Health

Flight restrictions shall not apply to all international cargo flights and those approved by DGCA.


Bhutan has an air travel bubble arrangement with India and please refer  for further information.

Thailand Active till further notice and please refer for more information. 
Australia  Travel restrictions are still active and following provides more information:

  1. Australia’s international border is still closed. There are strict border measures in place. There are, however, exemptions for the following:
  • Permanent Residents and their dependents with valid visas (subclass 100, 309, 801, 820, 101, 102 and 445)
  • Diplomats accredited to Australia.
  • Students in the final two years of study of a medical, dental, nursing or allied health profession university degree with evidence of confirmed placement. 
  1. For those beyond the exempted category, entry into Australia can only be approved on compelling grounds. They must process a separate entry exemption with the Department of Home Affairs. Further, States have their own restrictions, and additional exemption must be processed from the respective State Government as well. 
  2. Applications for exemptions from Department of Home Affairs must be submitted at least two weeks, but not more than two months before travel at the following link: 
  3. Exemptions are only granted on compelling and compassionate grounds. 
  4. From 22 January 2021, travelers are required to produce a Negative Covid-19 PCR test taken 72 hours before departure.
  5. Travelers must also complete the mandatory Australian Travel Declaration form at least 72 hours before departure. It collects contact details in Australia, flight details, quarantine requirements and health status.
  6. Travelers must also undertake mandatory 14 day quarantine at their own cost. 
  7. Australian Government maintains an updated and reliable website on immigration related issues including travel restrictions caused by the pandemic. All information can be found at
Nepal Land borders continue to remain closed for Foreigners. All foreigners should obtain a tourist entry visa from Nepali Diplomatic /missions abroad or should have a pre approval/recommendation letter from the concerned Ministries for ensuring their on-arrival visa.    
Singapore Travel restrictions are still Active except for those coming under Green/Fast Lane Arrangements, Air Travel Pass and special prior approval. All travelers will have to take PCR test (effective 25.1.2021) when they arrive in Singapore. Stay home notice (SHN) and PCR test at the end of the SHN will continue. Visitors will also be required to have travel insurance to cover the medical treatment in Singapore.     
Bangladesh Starting from 1 January 2021, all passengers arriving from the UK, including Diplomatic, Official and Laissez Passer holders posted in diplomatic missions in Bangladesh and their family members (including holders of ordinary passports) with valid visas, will be required to submit a RT-PCR based COVID- 19 negative certificate (with English translation) at the port of entry into Bangladesh, with the test being done within 72 hours before start of their trip to Bangladesh.

Those travellers whose journey to Bangladesh will originate from the UK, or who will transit through the UK, will be required to undergo strict quarantine of 14 days under the supervision of their respective Missions in Dhaka if they are asymptomatic at the time of their arrival in Bangladesh.

Kuwait Limited scheduled Flights have resumed since 1 August 2020 
Kingdom of Bahrain Active
Oman Active
Maldives Inactive 
UAE Inactive 
Qatar 1. Airport is operational

2. Qatari nationals and Resident Permit holders are allowed to enter

3. Departure is allowed for all passengers

Australia Active until further notice

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an Order requiring:

1) proof of a negative viral test for COVID-19 taken within three calendar days prior to boarding the initial flight to travel to the United States, or;

2) evidence of a prior positive test and documentation from a healthcare provider of having recovered from COVID-19 within the preceding 90 days

The above applies to all air passengers, including U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs), two years and older arriving in the United States from any foreign country or jurisdiction.  Airlines and other aircraft operators must also collect attestations from passengers verifying testing or recovery from a prior exposure and keep them electronically for two years.  The CDC Order is w.e.f. 26 January, 2021.

Japan All travelers, including Japanese nationals arriving in Japan would be required to carry COVID-19 negative certificates 
United Kingdom  Travelers are allowed to enter UK. Bhutan has been registered to the list of countries that will be exempted from the requirement to self-isolate for two weeks on arrival in the UK effective from 28 November 2020. However, it may be noted that this exemption is only valid for travel to England and not in other regions. Further, the above remains subject to change depending on the epidemiological situation in UK.
Canada  Starting January 7, 2021, air travellers 5 years of age or older will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test result to the airline prior to boarding international flights bound for Canada. Documentation of a negative laboratory test result must be presented to the airline prior to boarding a flight to Canada. The test must be performed using a COVID-19 molecular polymerase chain reaction (or PCR) test and must be taken within 72 hours prior to the traveller’s scheduled departure to Canada. Anyone who receives a negative test result and is authorized to enter Canada must still complete the full, mandatory 14-day quarantine (unless specifically exempted from the mandatory requirement to quarantine). 
Netherlands  All passenger flights from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela and the United Kingdom are cancelled and there are no exemptions. There will be mandatory rapid test for all travelers by plane/ferry from high-risk areas.     


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