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Public Notification on requirements to travel to Thailand

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to notify that all Bhutanese students studying in Thailand and wishing to return to resume their studies and other Bhutanese eligible to enter Thailand will need to submit the following documents to the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate-General in Thimphu to process visa. Upon the approval of visa, concerned individuals can apply for a Certificate of Entry through the website

  1. Declaration Form
  2. Visa Form
  3. Passport
  4. A confirmed hotel booking letter/certificate for quarantine upon arrival in Thailand
  5. Certificate of Health Insurance of USD 100,000 (with COVID-19 coverage)
  6. Registration letter from the Department of Immigration  (upon completion of the undertaking formalities:
  7. RT-PCR Test Result (within 72 hours)
  8. Fit-To-Fly Health Certificate (within 72 hours)

In addition to the above requirements, those individuals traveling to Thailand for medical purposes will have to submit the following documents:

  1. Letter from JDWNRH
  2. Letter from a Thai Hospital if the passenger is a patient wishing to seek treatment in Thailand

With regard to the Health Insurance of USD 100,000 (with COVID-19 coverage), concerned individuals can now purchase it online prior to visiting Thailand through the website



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