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Travel Tips

Are you travelling outside Bhutan? If so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to offer the following travel advise so that you have a smooth and pleasant journey:

  1. Before travel, ensure that the passport is valid for more than 6 months and you have all the required visas for your travel.
  2. Check your suitcases and bags before packing to ensure that there are no prohibited items such as explosives, firearms and lethal weapons, drugs, antiques, ivory etc. in your luggage. While at the airport, avoid handling abandoned packages or briefcases.
  3. Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with family or friends at home in case they need to contact you in an emergency.
  4. Carry either a printed or soft or copy of your passport, visas and extra copies of passport photos.
  5. Always carry contact address and telephone numbers of the nearest Bhutanese Embassy and Mission and where there are no Embassies that of Honorary Consuls and Friendship Associations. Contact address and telephone numbers of Bhutanese Embassy and Mission are available on MFA’s website.
  6. In the event of loss of passport or travel document, report immediately to the nearest local police station and acquire a police report.
  7. Inform the nearest Bhutanese Embassy/Mission and request for emergency travel document. Request has to be supported with the Police report and passport photo. Copy of CID or passport or passport number will facilitate issuance of emergency travel document
  8. Check local laws and customs of the country you are travelling to and obey local laws.
  9. Always carry on your person the address and contact number of your hotel.
  10. If carrying large amounts of cash, it is advisable to keep in a safe place such as room safety vault rather than carrying it around.
  11. Exchange money with authorized agents.
  12. Ask permission before photographing military installations, government buildings or transportation facilities.
  13. If you are a victim of crime abroad, report to the nearest police station immediately and contact the nearest Bhutanese Embassy/Mission.

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