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Press Release

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

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The following Ambassadors-designate presented their credentials to His Majesty The King on 8
May 2024:
1. H.E. Dr. Philipp Ackermann, Ambassador-designate of the Federal Republic of Germany
to Bhutan
2. H.E. Mr. Jan Thesleff, Ambassador-designate of the Kingdom of Sweden to Bhutan
3. H.E. Mr. Kenneth Felix Haczynski da Nobrega, Ambassador-designate of the Federative
Republic of Brazil to Bhutan
4. H.E. Dr. Abdulnasser Jamal Hussain Mohammed Alshaali, Ambassador-designate of
United Arab Emirates to Bhutan
5. H.E. Mrs. Marisa Gerards, Ambassador-designate of Kingdom of the Netherlands to Bhutan,
6. H.E. Mr. Kimmo Lähdevirta, Ambassador-designate of Republic of Finland to Bhutan
7. Mr. Park Young-sik, Ambassador-designate of Republic of Korea to Bhutan
8. Mr. Syed Ahmed Maroof, Ambassador-designate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Bhutan

The credentials presentation ceremony was held at the Tashichhodzong and was attended by the
officials of the RGoB.

Bhutan established formal diplomatic relations with Germany, Sweden, Brazil, UAE, the
Netherlands, Finland, Republic of Korea and Pakistan in 2020, 1985, 2009, 2012, 1985, 1986,
1987 and 1988 respectively. Bhutan has friendly relations with these countries.

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